A Senior Without a Keychain Personal Alarm Makes Absolutely No Sense

Some things just do not make sense to me in this world. I have questions that I fear will forever go unanswered as there is just no making sense of some things. Why do we park in our driveway and drive on a parkway? If 7-Eleven is open 24 hours a day then why do they have locks on the doors? Why is abbreviation such a long word? Why do people ‘call it sleeping like a baby’? I have had 3 babies and none of them slept worth a damn. All of these things and anything to do with quantum physics and/or women make zero sense to me. But the thing that makes the least sense of all to me in this world is the thought of a senior citizen going about his or her daily life without a personal alarm. That last one just baffles my mind completely. The reason that the thought of a senior without a personal alarm makes so little sense to me is that it costs almost nothing to secure such a device as a keychain alarm, carrying it could not get an easier and they are 100% safe yet extremely effective in preventing an attack. acrylic charms

The only senior citizens that could not benefit from the use of a personal keychain alarm of some type would be senior citizens that are bulletproof and/or superheroes impervious to damage of any kind. If you are one of these types or don’t know a senior that is not one of these types than you can stop reading now because this article will be of no benefit to you Mr. bulletproof superhero. The rest of us need to consider protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the bad people of the world. The world can be a dangerous place and there are people out there that will look for easy prey in order to benefit themselves. Often times a senior citizen who has been somewhat slowed by age can and will be considered “easy prey” for some bad folks.

The personal alarms that I’ve seen all work on the same premise and that is by helping one prevent an attack by emitting an extremely loud distress signal when a button on the device is pressed. Most of these personal alarms for seniors fall in the 115-130 decibel range and let me tell you, that is more than loud enough to strike fear in the heart of a potential attacker. The fear I am referring to is the fear of apprehension and any criminal that wants to continue to be a criminal is going to resist being apprehended under any circumstance. So when they hear that alarm go off they will know that the attention of anybody within a ear shot has just been turned toward them and their evil deeds. So please secure a personal alarm for any senior whom you want to keep safe.

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